Each person's journey to success is unique and the path to get there requires a different map for each individual.Sandra is available to all who elect to change! Sandra can do either in-person Life Fulfillment Coaching or telephone sessions to meet your scheduling requirements. People travel from all over the world to meet and work with Sandra. Sandra is extremely attentive to her clients ultimate privacy and tranquility during this time of hard work and transformation.

Personal Life Coach

As a gifted medium Sandra is the perfect life coach. Her spiritual and intuitive powers assist her in acting as a mirror to reflect information to you with great clarity, including those details that you tend to hide from yourself. With Sandra's life coaching sessions by phone or in person, you will develop a greater understanding of self. The attitudes and fears that YOU allow to form obstacles and prevent you from what you most desire, Sandra will teach you to overcome on this journey called life.

As an experienced hypnotherapist, Sandra will provide intuitive insight into your subconscious patterns and fears and coach you to release those that are not working for you. She will teach you how to use your eye of imagination to gain more creative control over your desires. Life Coaching / Hypnotherapy sessions are completely private and confidential, and can be customized to meet your specific desires. Please do not wait any longer, invest in yourself and your personal growth. Order today and we will contact you within 48 hours for your first appointment.
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Health Fulfillment Coach

Be Aware - Peace of mind is independent of any physical condition - Choose to move your entire being Body, Mind and Spirit with me in the direction of Wellness! We may not be given long to live, who's to know? But let us live as long as we are given. Sick cells within the body are weak and confused. Our immune system can overcome weak cells on a daily basis. Illness is a message to change what is not working. Our belief, attitude, and feelings can lead us to illness or wellness, we make the choice.

At birth we are given the fight or flight emotion and in today's world we suppress those emotions. Sign of weakness ??? When we internalize it we set ourselves up for illness. Emotions are usually in the form of Fear, Anger, or Guilt. When people feel helpless, hopeless, even despair, this can lead to depression. Our feelings / emotions are biochemically transmitted to and felt by our immune system. This is Powerful. We choose our feelings! Hope and Hopelessness are CHOICES. Why NOT Choose Hope?!
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Language is such an integral part of who we are. It is a product of our perpetual thinking and emotional processing (mirror of the mind). We often take for granted the expressions we use and how we use them. When we feel our thoughts, they become our words. Watch our words for they become our future actions. Our future actions become our habits. Through our everyday habits we build a blueprint which then becomes our character and that character takes us to our destiny. Where are your blueprints and character taking you?

As the founder of Edmond's Hypnotherapy and Counseling Clinic and The Radcliffe School of Hypnosis, Sandra has helped thousands to achieve their goals with her incredible ability to help unite the mind and body connection through the power we each possess.
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Motivational Speaking

We have endured many motivational speakers in our life, teaching us the art of sales excellence, personal achievement, and strategies for success and greatness. They go on for hours with scripted messages. How about the ones that tell you how easy it is to make a million dollars, or lose 60 pounds, and at the end of the day you smile, take the course papers home and stick them in drawer? SANDRA is UNIQUE among motivational speakers. We have all longed to spend the day listening to someone like Sandra for one reason alone.

Unlike other motivational speakers, Sandra is here to teach us how to fall in love with ourselves. Achieving this is so very simple, you will wonder how could you have missed this and not been aware of it before. Even though it's an easy concept, using this on a daily basis takes practice and a desire to unlearn the negative behaviors we have spent a lifetime becoming so efficient at developing and relying upon. Imagine just for a moment taking your first step or bringing home your first report card. Was there someone there cheering you on? If so, you would experience that feeling of accomplishment and self confidence. Not everyone had that support system and as we move through our lives we realize we have no control over what people think, say, or do. However, with practice we do have control over how others affect us. We can change our learned behaviours. It takes practice and a steady diet of positive thought to become again proficient at self LOVE. Once we have this in our life on a daily basis the sky becomes the limit. Call or e-mail today and we promise to give you the year you deserve, not the one you have been accepting as just the way life is…
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clairvoyant and Intuitive

Being clairvoyant is automatic, without concious thought. Sometimes it's a BLESSING, and sometimes it's a SERIOUS CHALLENGE. Sandra brings this gift to her sessions as a life coach providing great insight to her clients for their treatment and successful outcome. Her clairvoyant and intuitive talents will help unveil blocks and challenges that even you weren't aware of. As with all aspects of life we have the ultimate power of FREE WILL. Thus past, present, or future life events are ours to control. We do make the choice.

Psychic Medium

The ability to communicate with the spirit world: We all have this ability within ourselves, but some people come by it more naturally than others. With focus, concentration, and a dedication to develop this skill all of us have the ability. Sandra discovered this trait at a very young age and has nurtured her ability along with her Spirit Guide named Vivian. All mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums. Each psychic medium has developed paranormal powers that are sensitive to spiritual forces.


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About Sandra

In an era of science, Sandra's message resonates throughout.

Sandra's career spans over 35 years and her resumé of education and associations is unparalleled. Sandra has a Master's degree in Hypnotherapy from Merrimack in New Hampshire and has completed extended studies with the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine and Psychotherapy Counseling in Dallas, Texas, as well as studies at Westbrook University in Phoenix, Arizona. Sandra is certified with the American Board of Hypnotherapy in Santa Ana, CA, and the Eastern Institute of Hypnotherapists out of Virginia Beach, VA. Sandra is currently a member of The Texas Association for Investigative Hypnosis, the National Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Institute of Therapeutic Learning (NLP), Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute, plus a master of Time Line Therapy.

Her passion for learning has led Sandra to formal training and practice in the fields of therapeutic learning, addictions, and work with the critically ill. Sandra started as a registered counselor in the state of Washington and taught and guided people through the clinic she founded, Edmonds Hypnotherapy and Counseling Clinic located in Edmonds, Washington over 30 years ago.

It's credentials like these, along with her passion to help, that guide her clients to achieve the best for themselves.

Sandra offers honesty and straightforwardness. Her southern childhood has given her a unique ability to speak directly and in a way that is easy to comprehend and assists her clients to achieve unbridled results.

Sandra's mixture of education, passion for others, discipline, and honesty create an excellent opportunity for her to guide you to your path of success. Life's negative challenges, WITHOUT POSITIVE GUIDANCE, may have you doubting your control over your destiny. Sandra will guide you to be in charge of where life leads you. The choices you make determine not only the road you travel but each learning experience in your journey. Seek and you will find a new beginning with an attitude to acquire all that you desire on life's journey.

Don't just desire change choose change and always be a Winner!

Self Fuffillment

Spiritual Guide

Life Coach

Growth Guide

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We are excited for you and the amazing steps you are about to take. The journey will be bright and challenging, the rewards will be abundant.

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